Result of the union of the units of Federal Center of Technological education and the Federal Agrotechnic Schools, in 2008, the Ifes promotes professional public education of excellence, integrating teaching, research and extension, to build a democratic society, fairer and sustainable.

The Instituto Federal do Espírito Santo (Federal Institute of Espírito Santo) offers since technical courses to master’s degree and has nearly 17,000 students. There are about 90 technical courses, more than 50 undergraduate courses, 15 specializations and 10 master’s degrees.

With 22 campuses fully working, the Ifes is present in all micro-regions of the state of Espírito Santo. The Institute also has 35 online educational centers in Espírito Santo.

The Junior Agronomy company called Agrifes Jr., is composed by the Agronomic undergraduate students and supervisor professors. The Agrifes Jr, was created on June 20, 2012 by initiatives of some students, that aiming for a technical support to the producers of Santa Teresa region and adjacent municipalities, gave life to the idea of creating the Junior company.


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